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Martial Arts Instructors in Fitchburg

Joseph Bein

Joseph Bein is a 5th Degree black belt. Mr. Bein started martial arts in 2004 and knew from an early age that he wanted to teach others some day. His favorite part of martial arts is learning new moves and challenging himself to ‘perfect’ them to a competition level. As an instructor, Mr. Bein says "I love teaching a new move to a student. At first, it is new and foreign to them. Then with some practice and understanding, I can see the lightbulb go on like 'AH HA! I get it now!'" Outside of karate, Mr. Bein enjoys spending time with his fiancé and is a self proclaimed ‘sneakerhead’.

Griffin Johnson

Griffin Johnson is a 3rd Degree Black belt in karate. He started martial arts in 2012 when his parents signed him up for a summer session. Mr. Johnson started instructing in 2017. His favorite aspect of martial arts is the freestyle Bo (staff). When instructing, Mr. Johnson enjoys creating relationships with students and parents and watching them grow. Outside of martial arts, Mr. Johnson enjoys video games, biking, fishing, hiking, exploring, and participating with Verona Police Cadets.

Audra Sarver

Audra Sarver is a 2nd degree black belt in karate. She started karate in 2011 when her mom initially signed her up brothers, and then she and her sister saw how fun it was and joined in too! Now her favorite things to do in karate are bo (staff) combinations and forms, and jump-spin wheel kicks, even though both were very hard when she started learning them. Ms. Sarver started helping with classes in 2017 and became an assistant instructor in 2018, a lead instructor in 2019, and an assistant head instructor in 2022. When she is not teaching she is studying development economics and human geography at UW-Madison and also enjoys hiking, listening to music, and photography. Here is what Ms. Sarver says about teaching: "It's one of the best jobs. I get to be physically active, endlessly creative, a little bit silly, and a partner with parents in teaching kids discipline, focus, respect, and perseverance."

Danielle Blek

Danielle Blek is a 4th Degree Black Belt in karate. Ms. Blek started martial arts in 2005. She started assisting with leading classes in 2008 right after she earned her Black Belt. Her favorite part of karate now is being able to teach the details to students and helping them see the real side of martial arts while still having fun. Outside of karate Ms. Blek loves hanging out with her family and doing any activity that will get her outside, especially if it involves her many dogs.


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